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Stamping support on site / feasibility

Specific tools for numerical analysis developed by ArcelorMittal allow to achieve an accurate analysis taking into account the desired safety margin in the final design of the part.

Exclusive ArcelorMittal tools are based on:

Specific forming limit curves for the welding areas of tailored blanks
Specific methodologies to analyze forming operations by Finite Element Model (FEM)
Specific numerical tool to predict and compensate spring-back after stamping named Outifo

Stamping feasibility studies rely on the Forming Limit Curves (FLC) of the welded area model developed by ArcelorMittal:

The FLC of the weaker material is not sufficient to predict the behavior of the tailored blanks during stamping
The recognized ArcelorMittal FLC model of the welded area has been presented in numerous congresses:

Mechanical Working and Steel Processing
ISS congress
International Deep Drawing Group Congress
Great Design in Steel

AMTB developed specific tools to support the car makers for the implementation of Laser welded parts in their models.

Some key factors should be always analyze to guarantee a good acceptance of the simulation. Feasibility analysis of the weld line is also a key factor for these studies.

Fracture on real part

LWB FLC allows to predict rupture by stamping simulation

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Stamping support on site / feasibility

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