Environment , health and safety | ANTB

Environment , Health and Safety

Arcelor Neel  Tailored Blanks Pvt. Ltd (ANTB), as a responsible  manufactured of tailored blanks for automotive applications re-affirms its commitment to minimize the adverse impacts of its operation on the nature, environment , health and safety.

To this endeavor , we shall commit to,

  • Develop and maintain an Environmental Health and Safety Management System and continually monitor, set and review the environmental, health and safety objective & targets.
  • To achieve the customer and other compliance obligations.
  • Conserve natural resources and energy by constantly seeking to reduce their consumption by reducing wastage and maximizing  recycle/reuse.
  • Minimize/prevent air, water, noise and land pollution generation. Maintain a system for hazardous waste management.
  • Establish health and safety programmes to prevent ill health, injury and other safety risk.
  • Committed to protech environment and implement environmental management system through Continual Improvement programs.


This policy shall be communicated to all employees working for or on behalf of ANTB and be made available to public and interested parties on demand.